Salt Lake City – July 2013

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I just got back from a road0trip to Salt Lake City with my friends. Here are some of the photos I took on the journey.

first spot of the trip was fun


first spot of the trip was fun

brophys cabin


Got to chill at Brophys Cabin.

slept under the stars

Slept under the milky way

early morning drew

Early morning ATV mash with Drew

brophy fishing

Brophy fished

vinny got one

Vinny got one

vinnacle pinnacle

Pinnacle Vindog


Earth is wondrous

we got up there

We got up there

vin dog stays on

Vin dog stayed on

brophy skated the pool

Back in the city, Brophy skated the pool.

jordan hucks a back 5-0

Jordan hucked a beastly back 5-0

ben lipslides for fun

Ben lipslid for fun

night sesh on july 4th

Night sesh on july 4th


christian wallrides

Christian Bourne did this

ben can heelflick

Ben heelflipped

jordan trying one more as the cops show up

Jordan tried one more

joey has kickflip back tails

Joey did some kickflip back tails

brophy with a quick grind on the window

Brophy grinded this window

roy got a blunt

Roy got a blunt

all the homies were at sojo park, brophy blasted

all the homies were at sojo park, and brophy blasted

giles rides the median

Giles rode the median

drew with the last cig before vegas

Drew smoked the last cig before vegas

rico jammed

Rico jammed

drew jammed backwards

Drew jammed backwards before the ride home

All in all it was an epic trip full of good times and good people. Cant wait to do it again.


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